Elyssa Bulthuis

Have you hit a “certain” age where losing weight seems impossible?


Like you look at a cookie and it somehow attaches to your thigh?

Are you looking at a closet full of clothes of various sizes and none of them fit?

Do you wonder which diet plan works best? Paleo, High Carb, Low Carb, Atkins?

Have you tried a million times to break out of poor eating and sleep habits?

Tired of joining gyms and then seldom or never going?


Are you finished with excuses and ready to make a commitment to you?


My exclusive programs will get you to your goals.

My virtual gym is TOTALLY PRIVATE.

Didn’t wash your hair? No problem.

Ready to workout in your pajamas? Okay by me!

My desire is to make you feel completely at ease so you can focus on your workout without distractions.

Elyssa is THE BEST personal trainer I have worked with. She puts much effort and time into planning each and every workout, whether it be personal training, group classes or yoga. I always enjoy her selection of music which gets me energized for a great workout or helps me to relax in a yoga class.
Elyssa is upbeat, encouraging, fun, and knowledgeable and helps me to challenge myself to be stronger and healthier. Whether you have never worked out or have been working out forever with little or no results and need a little boost Elyssa is the right choice for all your training needs.

Connie S.

Personal training with Elyssa is truly personal! She tailors the workout to exactly what you want to work on, and what you need to work on! The training is worth every minute of sweat, groans, and sighs! Because after each session I know I have pushed myself to the limit. I had never done personal training before and was nervous when we started. But she makes it fun! Jennifer S.

Want to work with me? Send me a quick email and we can talk one on one, get to see if we are a good fit, and then get you started.