** Beta testers needed for new fun, fit and fabulous during Peri-Menopause program**

When perimenopause strikes:

-*- you are likely over forty and already feeling a bit down about aging

-*-  you might be freaking out about your fertile years ending. Will it mean you’ll become a frail old lady who is constantly sweating, complaining, and growing a mustache? Or that you’ll get fat and be constantly fatigued?

-*-  you might think you are alone and you have to go through this in secret because “who wants to hear about ‘lady stuff’?”

-*- your doctor may have told you to just suck it up because it’s something all women go through so just ride it out. So all you are left with is to white knuckle your way through depression, heart palpitations, and panic attacks that are VERY REAL.

Well, I am here to tell you I totally get what you are going through.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. And no I am not talking about pills, supplements or running away and living somewhere under a rock by yourself. Though that running away part doesn’t sound half-bad…

Time tested lifestyle changes really do work.

I know you want to hear about a miracle pill but it doesn’t exist. Really. It doesn’t.

If you want to look sexy, vibrant, and amazing, the key ingredients are:

-*-  Meditation & Yoga

-*-  Serious fitness where you sweat (not just walking)

-*-  Weight lifting

-*-  And most importantly Eating Better

[insert video part here where Elyssa talks about these tips and gives her credentials.]

I know this might sound boring, overwhelming or just plain like yadda..yadda..yadda…”I have heard it all before.” There’s no doubt you have heard this before but now you know you have to do something. All the diet tricks that worked in your 20s and 30s suddenly don’t anymore. I totally get that. I mean going through perimenopause is no joke. Not only are you dealing with the physical symptoms of perimenopause but it’s also a time of life where your kids may be leaving, you may be changing work, and taking care of your ailing parents all at the same time. With that kind of stress who has the energy to make lifestyle changes too? But listen up.

Ok..so now you know the urgency of taking care of YOURSELF I want to offer you something truly unique and valuable – literally LIFE CHANGING:

-*-  Four weeks worth of friendly beginner fitness videos (Estimated value 300$)

-*-  Two private one-on-one 30 minute calls with me to address your personal questions $200

-*-  Four one hour group meetings on Zoom where you can ask me specific questions (Estimated value 350$)

-*-  A plan to clean out your cabinets and refrigerator and restock with simple, easy to cook foods. $200

-*-   An Engaged Facebook group full of rock star women who are all going through the same thing where there will be no whining (okay, maybe a little) but a whole lot of fun and uplifting tips and tricks and where I will pop up every day to answer any questions you might have. (Estimated value 200$)

-*- 2 Informational Webinars to help you understand the peri/menopause process and how to navigate it without gaining weight $150

-*- Weekly introduction to specialty fitness classes so you can find the workout you love $200

-*- Cooking classes to learn how to keep your meals fast, healthy, and easy which also includes a 3 day eating plan with grocery list and recipes

-*-Weekly educational videos $400

-*-  Bonus prizes that can be won depending on participation: one private coaching call with me (Estimated value 80$), a personalized meditation video (Estimated value 50$) and a blooper reel of everything that can go wrong and did go wrong (priceless). (Ok maybe I will give that one to all successful beta testers. So apply now to be able to get this gem.)

*****Once the course is launched the price will be 997$ but you have the opportunity to get this now for FREE.

Yeah, that’s right. I said FREE!

Why? What’s the catch?

If you fill out the form below I will have a look at your answers and if you fit the bill I will take you on as my beta tester. Please know that I won’t ask you for money but I will ask you for your time, dedication, and when you have loved your results, for a testimonial. (Preferably on video)****

Seating is limited and we can only choose 50 beta testers at this time. So please show us why you would love to be a part of this epic journey and what this course would mean to you.

Elyssa is awesome.  She helped me get out of a rut.  She helped me get back on track.  Elyssa really gave me the jump start I was looking for.  I lost 13 pounds in 8 weeks! If I can do it anyone can.  I’m so thankful to her for pulling me out of a huge slump. I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit in years. 

Colleen Ferlin

Working out with Elyssa is also good for your brain because she challenges your coordination and balance. With Elyssa you will get a personalized program and ultimately save time.  In as little as 30 minutes you will have an all over body workout. 
Martina Delaurentis