Are you a fan of Dancing With Wolves?

If you are, then this post may not be for you.

When it comes to Red Meat, which is healthier/better for you Grass-fed Beef or Bison?

The Grass-fed cow roams a field somewhere (I am not discussing lot raised cows. There’s no comparison!) eating grass placidly.

And is still probably vaccinated and fed some sort of hormone before the last few months of its life to let the chemicals and hormones leave its system as well as being fed grain in the last few months to help it gain fat for a “tastier” meat.

Truth is, cows get sick and the vaccinations help keep them healthy.  And they are required.

I’d like to see you try to vaccinate a Bison.

Really, I would.

Let’s just say you can’t make a Bison do what a Bison doesn’t want to do and getting shots isn’t something they are known to enjoy.

At least no one has ever shared seeing a group of Bison lining up for the vet waiting patiently for exams but I could be wrong.

Furthermore, Bison meat is quite a bit leaner than cow meat.

A 3 oz portion of Bison has just 147 calories compared to 207 for beef and that  is mostly a fat content difference.

Both are fairly equal in protein content, neither, of course, have any carbs.

Bison is definitely drier than beef due to its lack of fat and so tastes better at medium/medium rare.

Ground Bison can be substituted for any ground beef recipe and you won’t notice the difference in chili or tacos – honest!

You also won’t feel quite so stuffed after eating a Bison burger.

As Bison has grown more popular, they are finding their way into feed lots as well and being fed grain so you’ll want to make sure your Bison has been roaming a range and not farm.

Overall, Bison is leaner, tastier (my opinion), doesn’t upset the digestion like beef does (did someone pass a steak fart?), has few calories and no hormones or vaccinations.

Bison is the clear winner in my book!


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