My Desires for 2017

Be able to button my jeans

No more jiggling when I walk

Climb a flight of stairs easily

Feel Young

Complete a 5 k

Feel comfortable in my skin

Have toned arms

Eat well

Get un-bloated

Have a ton of energy

Get over my own weight loss obstacles

Look Great

Here’s What You Get:

Eating Plan

Without a plan there is no attack! You have to be ready for your meals. I will show you how so you never have to worry about what’s for dinner again.

Dedicated Facebook Group

I’ll be checking in daily to answer questions, motivate, check on you, share recipes, correct your moves if you need assistance and you’ll meet others who are on a similar path cheering you on!

An Accountability Partner

You may have failed before – i know you have or you wouldn’t be reading this now. An accountability partner is guaranteed. We won’t let each other fail!


Seriously, if we aren’t having fun while we learn why bother? We won’t come back if we are bored. I’ve been in fitness as wells as academic education for 25 years and I have a to of tricks up my spandex to keep you interested, uplifted, and laughing.


Level 1 Coaching

When you purchase the All Access Beachbody Platform, you not only get a year’s worth of programming by the best fitness professionals, but you also get ME, a certified personal trainer ready to coach you to get the most out of your plan.


Once you join, you’ll have access to every program Beachbody has ever made as well as anything new they will come out with this year for one low price that includes portion container and a bag of Shakeology to make reaching AND maintaining your goals.


It’s not enough to join a 4 week class or occasionally drop in at the gym.


All Access brings the best trainers right into your home.


And that includes me showing you how to move properly, what to eat, and an accountability group that will keep you showing up.


Tell me, does the gym call you if you don’t show up?


I will.


And there will be others counting on you as well as supporting you to complete your workouts, eat right, and drink your shake.