Broth based soups are simple to make.

Here’s a link to a VERY SIMPLE home made chicken bone broth recipe

Once you have stock, you can whip up a chicken soup in no time at all.

Saute some vegetables.

Maybe add in some chicken meat.

Skip the pasta if possible!

Add some beans.

And Voila! You have homemade soup.

No Way Am I Making Broth From Scratch

Okay, calm down!

You don’t have to (but I really think you should try).

There are many chicken stocks you can buy off the shelf and will work just fine in these recipes.

Look for ones with lower salt, NO MSG, and NO NATURAL FLAVORS (code words for chemical concoctions you can do without).

Whether you use home made or store bought broth:

Try this Chicken Tortilla Soup

Or here’s one that does have pasta in it but you could definitely leave it out. Chicken Vegetable Soup

Remember, too, that the crockpot is your FRIEND.

Throw some stock in, chopped veggies, beans and/or chicken, seasonings like tarragon, oregano, or basil, and let it cook while you’re at work. You could come home to a fabulous warm soup ready to eat!

Go ahead.

Check out those pinterest bitches for crockpot soups.

You’ll be glad you did!

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