Okay, so I’m the poster child for IBS with constipation.

I have good news and better news though!

The good news is, I have been feeling much better! I keep tweaking my eating and meditating and both have helped. YAY!

The better news is that I’m going to share a trick with you to help you get um, “moving.”

If you’ve never tried a colon massage and are constipated YOU NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT AWAY!

Now I’m not talking about colonics (which I actually DON’T recommend personally for IBS) where you send water up your derriere until everything flushes out.

NO, I’m talking about an external massage on the abdomen to assist peristalsis of your colon (the muscle contractions that get your poop to move!)

Check out my video and leave me a comment.

Here’s what I want to know: How brave am I to stand up and talk about poop? Would you make a video on being constipated? Did this help you to learn something about your body today?

And, if you have any suggestions you’d like to share to get the bathroom action going, please share that too!



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