Do you suffer from January Fitness Fantasy Delirium?


Common symptoms of January Fitness Fantasy Delirium include:

  • Removing clothing from Treadmill or buying one
  • Taking coats off of Stair Climber or buying one
  • Joining local gym
  • Signing up for 5 fitness classes per week at 5 a.m.
  • Resolving to give up: white flour, sugar, gluten, trans fats, and caffeine.

January 1st just begs us to resolve to change our less than healthy ways.

In January you will see every gym offering discounts, fitness equipment on sale, and oodles of celebrity workout DVDs being hawked on television.

Can you handle Insanity? P90X? T25?

Wait a minute folks. Lets stop the crazy train at the station and take a reality check.

That gym has been in the same location all year. If you haven’t been there before, think long and hard before you agree to pay them EVERY month – will you really go?

Treadmills and other equipment are known as clothes hangers for a reason — it’s their most used purpose at home.

Celebrity workouts are sometimes fun and sometimes a waste of time – be sure to check to see who the trainer is on the video because if it’s the celebrity teaching the class you should probably skip it.

If you haven’t been working out regularly, those INTENSE DVD’s that show a super buff athlete doing pull ups may be a bit too extreme to begin with.

Here, instead, are a few tips to get your new healthier lifestyle off to a safe and sustainable start:

Add 15-30 minutes of exercise to your day. Start with walking if you haven’t worked out in a long time. Take a class or do a DVD if you’re more fit. Start with 3 days a week and advance to 5.

If you do just that, you’ll see improvements in your health!

Ready to take on more?

Give up one unhealthy food. Pop Tarts? Sugary Coffee Concoctions? Anything that ends in “ito”?

Do just those 2 things for January and you are an amazing success story! If you do just 1 you’re still on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Want to get more serious?

Eliminate between meal snacking of anything other than veggies, a piece of fruit, or a healthy protein like a hard boiled egg or some nuts.

Count your calories – it will help you stay honest.

Add 2 more servings of vegetables in your day. Maybe put more in your salad or try some yummy roasted root veggies like beets and turnips.

Avoid any foods that are manufactured. A good rule of thumb is that if the label has more than 5 ingredients you should skip it. If you’re super serious drop to 1 ingredient labels!

Practice High Intensity Interval Training – I have posted several of these workouts on my Facebook Page

Practical Advice For  Treating January Fitness Fantasy Delirium

Sit down with your calendar and plan when you will work out. Put it on the calendar and see if you stick with it for January. That join the gym free discount will probably still be available at the end of the month so if you see yourself sticking with the new routine, go for it.

If it sounds like I’m discouraging you from working out or not joining a gym, I’m really not.

So many people are completely intimidated by the gym and the classes that it is a true waste of money to join clubs if you don’t have the personality for it.

I’ve worked in Health Clubs for years and in January the classes are packed and by February we are back to the usual customers with maybe one or two more new people.

Most people returning to working out will do better with personal training to get used to the facility and get in shape before taking on the classes or getting lost on the confusing equipment.

Remember, the goal is to make fitness and eating well your daily life, not just something you do for 2 weeks in January. Your success depends on your setting realistic goals. Will you really get up at 4:30 a.m. to be at the 5 a.m. Spin class? Would you do better going to a class directly after work? What about a 30 minute lunch time walk? Spend some time and really figure out what will work for you instead of joining a gym and hoping you’ll show up!

I want to see you still working out in September so by next January you’ll be the one wondering where all these new people in your fitness class came from!




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