I just don’t have any energy today.

My allergies are killing me.

“Aunt Flo” came to town.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

As far as excuses not to workout go, I’ve used them all.

I’m getting older.

My body doesn’t recover as quickly.

I’m hormonal.

I have at least a dozen more.

When it comes to skipping workouts, I have found that I can allow myself a “Not Today” only once a week.

It is SUPER easy to fall off the workout wagon.

AND it is RIDICULOUSLY hard to jump back on that wagon.

Some days you need to cut yourself some slack and other days you just simply have to push yourself.

You may not be up for a full hour of kick my butt, high intensity, heavy weightlifting, standing on your head Cirque du Soleil workouts

BUT you probably can go for a walk and a stretch.

Really, you can.

Even when you’re dead tired.

You’ll feel better and be able to sleep better after some movement so unless you’re injured and being restricted by your doctor, get up and get moving.

FYI, this is my personal pep talk.

You’re probably energetic all the time and ready to hit that workout but me, well, I need a serious PUSH to get going.

Once I’m moving, I’m golden; but it literally takes no effort whatsoever to convince me to binge watch a 12-hour “Kimmy Schmidt” television marathon.

So I have to commit to getting started for 10 minutes and then see what my energy level is after that.

Some days it’s a piece of no-calorie cake.

Other days walking around the block feels like a trek through the Himalayas without a sherpa.

Over time I’ve learned how to push myself and when to lighten up on myself.

I know you can do the same.

However, if you need a push, let me know and I’ll be glad to call you and go all Boot Camp Sergeant on your ass.



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