Do you prefer sweating in private?

          Don’t like the scene at the gym?

                     Like having a helping hand as you learn?

                            You know what’s really nice about working out in a private studio?

No one is going to see you.

If by chance you don’t like working out next to a stranger who is dripping sweat over the equipment and trying to ask you out for a date while telling you how you’re doing all your exercises wrong and they can help you (wink wink), then training with me is the answer.

Maybe a big gym feels intimidating or you don’t know where to start.

My home studio offers you privacy and security with plenty of equipment for you to explore and learn on.

Depending on your goals, I will guide you to the best exercises for you, show you how to do them safely and effectively, and if your workout clothes are mismatched, you’re not wearing make up, or you haven’t showered yet, no one will say a word!

I might stand a little farther away from you due to that last part, but really, what’s the point in showing up showered for a workout?

Finding the time and energy to workout is challenging!

                Eating healthy is even trickier!

Hey, I workout people for a living and some days I can’t find time for my own workout!

Then trying to get a nutritious dinner on the table after a full day at work or wrangling kids can be next to impossible.

Now that my kids are out of the house, I find it even more difficult to find the desire to make a meal for just me and my hubby.

As you know, fitness isn’t just about finding 30-60 minutes in your day to walk or run on a treadmill. Being fit is mastering (most days!) the balance of life’s demands.

And we all struggle with finding that balance!

I will share life-changing strategies to help you live your most healthful and balanced life.

When it comes to integrating fitness into your life, I know lots of ways to help!


I can help you to become more efficient with exercise and more aware of your food choices to accomplish your fitness goals and eat better.

As a matter of (painful) fact, my husband tells me I know everything.

My clients, however, often tell me I’m like a walking fitness magazine.

Truth is, I have a Master’s Degree in English. And I’m so glad!

You might think (like my family) that this is a useless degree for a Personal Trainer (or in general!). However, because I love to read and research, I am ridiculously up to date on the latest health news, diet fads, and training protocols.

Before I got that handy MA in English, I was an AFAA group fitness instructor and a certified yoga teacher.

I went through a little life crisis and felt that jumping around the room in spandex and chanting Om wasn’t well, prestigious enough.

So, I became an adjunct instructor. And I spent hours grading well-intentioned but typically boring student papers.

I thought I would love teaching English as much as I enjoyed being a student of English. Yeah, not so much.

I continued teaching my yoga and fitness classes while I was an English Teacher and being the perpetual student, I studied and got certified as a Personal Trainer too.

When I started training friends and family, I realized THIS was the kind of teaching I LOVE!

Speaking of being a student…

I love to be a student as much as a teacher and I’m always looking for experiences to expand my knowledge.

In 2011, I went to Chennai, India to study at the Krishnamacharya school where I met T.K.V. Desikachar and was taught by Kaustub Desikachar.

The people and the experience were amazing and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from the descendants of one of the most respected yoga gurus.

A typical lunch in India

When I meet a new client, I can’t wait to develop their personalized program!

Yup, I’m the nerd who loved homework in Grad School and I still do!

During our first meeting I will ask you a bajillion questions about what you love and hate about working out, what your day is like, your family, and your favorite flavor of ice-cream (this is a trick question – all teachers have trick questions, right?), and then I set up my index cards – remember those from writing your research papers?

Yeah, I love index cards!

I get busy creating a plan that will work just for you taking all your preferences into consideration.

Ready to work with me?

Just send me a quick email at or call me at 708-415-1815

It’s that simple!