Soup is wonderful anytime of the year and this simple soup is rich with flavor.

Roast 6 peeled carrots. You can cut them evenly to have them roast more evenly or just stick 6 carrots on a cookie sheet or pyrex dish, spray very lightly with olive oil and roast in oven for about 45 minutes at 425 degrees.

One way to make this easier is to peel and roast the carrots while you are unloading and chopping other veggies from your trip to the grocery store. Put a couple sweet potatoes in at the same time and you'll have those ready to eat during the week too.


6 medium to large carrots roasted

14-16 oz chicken or vegetable broth

2 tsp grated peeled ginger

salt and white pepper to taste

Shredded coconut sweetened or unsweetened depending on your taste lightly sprinkled over soup.

I used my Vitamix but a blender would work fine too if you are making these with the carrots straight out of the oven. If not, you'll need to reheat the carrots before you place them in the blender. A Vitamix will heat it for you just use the "soup" setting.

Pour in about 10 ounces of the broth and then add the grated ginger. Use as much or as little ginger as you like. Ginger can have a pretty potent taste so start small and add as you go.

Blend for about a minute, adding as much broth to the soup to bring it to a consistency you like. I prefer mine a bit thick but more broth will definitely not hurt.

Taste test and add salt and pepper accordingly as well as more ginger if desired.

Blend the spices in for another 30 seconds.

Heat on stove top for a few minutes if it's too cool and then serve with the coconut garnish.

I think a few cashews on top would be yummy too.

Let me know what you think!



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