Challenging and Fun

Working out with others helps you to push yourself and creates comaraderie. The old saying "misery loves company" may apply if you dread sweating, but my small group fitness classes are fun and you are encouraged to reach your edge without overdoing it.

Every class is a little different. Some days we do circuits while other days we have a dynamic group challenge.

From body weight exercises to using various pieces of equipment, we work the body from head to toe and then take a few minutes to stretch and relax. Group classes change weekly to keep your muscles guessing. We will use various modalities to challenge your cardio and strength abilities.


Class formats may include:

Super Sets

Some equipment used in the group classes are:

Body Weight Training
Swiss Ball
Glide Plates
Medicine Balls


Have a group of friends that you want to work out with?

We can create a class at a time that works for you! Here at GFWE, we are just your average guys and gals working to stay in great shape. My clients range in age from early 20's through their 60's. Some of us are training to compete in the Tough Mudder and even a Triathlon, while others are running 5k races, and still others are here simply to feel great. I've created a private yoga class for a group of 6 friends and put together training groups for events.

Have a few friends that you'd like to work out with? I can make that happen.

Group exercise is fun and yet still individualized. I will help you to pick the right equipment and weights, show you how to properly perform the exercises, and monitor your form throughout the class. There are a lot of grunts and giggles in these classes as well as great results. Come join the fun! Contact Me Today!