Elyssa is THE BEST personal trainer I have worked with. She puts much effort and time into planning each and every workout, whether it be personal training, group classes or yoga. I always enjoy her selection of music which gets me energized for a great workout or helps me to relax in a yoga class.
Elyssa is upbeat, encouraging, fun, and knowledgeable and helps me to challenge myself to be stronger and healthier. Whether you have never worked out or have been working out forever with little or no results and need a little boost Elyssa is the right choice for all your training needs.

Connie S.

Personal training with Elyssa is truly personal! She tailors the workout to exactly what you want to work on, and what you need to work on! The training is worth every minute of sweat, groans, and sighs! Because after each session I know I have pushed myself to the limit. I had never done personal training before and was nervous when we started. But she makes it fun!

Jennifer S.

Elyssa has been my yoga teacher from the very beginning for me – five years now. Like most new yoga students I dropped in on her intermediate level classes not knowing any better, but she went with the flow and helped me through it. Even though the class was over my head back then, her grace, confidence and encouragement kept me coming back. I credit Elyssa with giving me the skills and confidence I needed to join the Moksha yoga teacher training after only a year as her student. And now, 5 years later, and having been exposed to many excellent yoga teachers, I still consider her the best yoga instructor in the south suburbs and one of the best in the Chicagoland area.

Bridget B

I started a little late in life on yoga. Previously all my work outs involved treadmills and weights but I felt I needed to do something for flexibility and balance as I got older. Elyssa’s beginners class has been just the thing. It is so calming and yet I find that every inch of my body gets a bit of a workout. I’ve never been sore after a class but I do go home feeling great. Thanks Elyssa.

Rita M.

When I first started training with Elyssa I was hesitant and worried I wouldn’t stick with it. Two years later I am so thankful to Elyssa for giving me the courage and confidence I needed to make such an important commitment to myself. The strength and balance I have gained is amazing. Thank you Elyssa I couldn’t have done it without you and I look forward to a healthier and stronger “me” this year.

Judy B.

Today is my birthday and I am reflecting on this past year. It is hard to believe that 60 is only a couple years away!! THANK YOU for inspiring me and being my yoga guru! I have come a long way with your help!! It truly has changed so many things for me and I still have so much to learn.

Kim B.