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Creating an individualized workout plan is the center piece of personal training. Perhaps you have an old injury (or new one) or perhaps you have a muscular imbalance from playing a sport; as your personal trainer I will chose specific exercises to meet your goals while keeping your overall strength/flexibility/balance in mind.

Unlike a group fitness class where you get a general overall class and will be doing the same exercises as the 25 year-old waitress and the 50 year-old office worker, my personal training program will focus on your goals, your preferences, and your abilities.

Working one-on-one allows us to get to know each other and how best to motivate you to reach your goals and overcome obstacles.


While we will repeat exercises on the major muscle groups, we will never do the exact same workout twice. I like to incorporate functional training along with traditional weight training to keep your muscles guessing. We will work indoors, outdoors, on equipment and with just your body weight to achieve your desired level of fitness. I will mix cardiovascular moves between strength moves for active recovery and for you to get the most bang out of your buck working with me.